Stocking Stuffers

Need stocking stuffers? We’ve got hundreds and more arriving every day. Here is a selection of some of our favorites!

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Perfect (and fun) for improving your math skills. Mobi is the innovative new number tile game to teach little ones numbers, older ones math skills or for challenging your best friend to numerical combat. The blue tiles are numbers and the white tiles are operators; connect your tiles into equations on a crossword style grid in order to win. Grab a few friends, find a flat surface, and get tonnes of fun out of this little blue whale.

Alphabet Go Fish

Perfect for kids learning the alphabet. "Do you have a G?" Ask for the match to your alphabet letters and make pairs to win in the Alphabet Go Fish game. Peaceable Kingdom has designed 52 beautiful cards that combine the simple classic card game 'Go Fish' with learning alphabet letters!

Magic Poo

Play pranks with magic poo! You can mold it into any shape, it bounces and it melts! It's magic!

Chicken Flinger

One finger holds the chicken while you grab it's feet and stretch it back. It flies up to 30 feet when you get the hang of it!


One of the hot toys this season! You squeeze the different shapes into a little ball then watch as they slowly regain their shape.