Tips from the Easter Bunny

Kooky Tooky and the Easter Bunny have been chatting about tips for hosting an unforgettable Easter egg hunt. Here are 5 fun Easter egg hunt ideas Kooky Tooky heard from the Easter bunny:

  1. Hide fun things other than candy.  Having great candy can be one of the highlights of Easter, but what are kids to do with all of that extra energy?  Plastic eggs filled with items like bouncy balls, stretchy slime or wind-ups can go a long way to entertaining kids throughout the busy day.   (Gary’s note: If you hide a gift certificate to your local hardware store you can get Dad involved as well.)
  2. Hide things that go together in multiple eggs for more egg searching fun. Most of the fun is finding the items right?  Imagine all of the plastic egg items dumped into a pile at the end of the hunt.  Several colours of rainbow loom bands or multiple plastic animals can then be played with together for great fun.
  3. Colour coordinate eggs.  Ever worry about younger kids not having equal opportunity or age inappropriate items in eggs?  Assign colours to each child (they can be multiple)  This way one can encourage a more cooperative hunt(Gary’s note: This might be a good time to help the male gender differentiate between the colours blue and green, or maybe learn colours like teal and salmon. It will not, however, teach the art of separating clothes for the washing machine.)
  4. Create clues for a greater treasure.  Other than the family time together, what better treasure is there to find on Easter than the Easter basket?  Write down the location of the basket on a piece of paper and cut it into pieces (like a puzzle).  If you are colour coordinating eggs, make these clues all one colour that anyone can find.  Enjoy yourself while the kids put the puzzle together and find their treasure! (Gary’s note:  Sounds to me like the Tooth Fairy had something to do with this!)
  5. Consider an indoor hunt with flashlights.  With our unpredictable weather, a hunt that takes place at dusk or in a dark basement with flashlights could create a hunt that you will never forget. (Gary’s note: better give dad a ‘heads up’ to make sure the flashlights are working! Gulp!)

  • Schleich animals or “toobz”
  • Great Pretenders hair accessories
  • Mini slinkys
  • Rainbow loom bands
  • Anything that is slimy or that grows!
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